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How to Teach Your Child How to Put on a Coat

Teach Your Child How to Put on a Coat

As it gets colder outside, you may be curious about ways to teach your child how to put on a coat. Kids love to be outside, no matter the weather!

The good news is, it’s actually a lot easier that you might be expecting!

Self-care skills are vital to a child’s physical and emotional well-being. If you are familiar with Montessori Practical Life activities, you already know this!

From hand washing to dish washing, kids really enjoy being able to do things for themselves.

If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Montessori and her methods, which can be applied to education, as well as parenting, it’s definitely worth looking into.

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When I mentioned that this might be easier than you thought, I meant it. You can teach this skill to your child in just three simple steps!

  1. Lay your child’s coat on the floor with the inside facing up and the hood/neck of the coat at your child’s feet or on a child size table. (If your child does not yet have the balance and coordination to lift themselves from the floor while simultaneously performing this task.)
  2. Have her kneel or squat and put her arms into the corresponding sleeves.
  3. Ask her to stand up and swing the coat over the back of her head and slide her arms into the sleeves.

It’s important to have a coat that fits your child well for this lesson. I have found that fluffy winter coats are easier for toddler age children and just about any coat works for preschoolers.

This method may be confusing to young children, as the coat is inside up and upside down in front of them. Because of this, it might be helpful to demonstrate this for them first.

Have fun, stay warm, and cheers! Don’t forget to subscribe!

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