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Hello! I’m Sue, the writer for Parenting with Purpose @reachformontwssori.com. I am an early childhood education/development enthusiast and Montessori is my absolute passion.

Prior to marriage and motherhood, I worked for more than a decade in the healthcare field. I fully intended to utilize my degree and return to the field at some point, but one day when my first child, Madeline, was about 18 months old, I was noticing how her behavior was being affected by TV. This led me to read some books on early childhood, one of which was called “Montessori From the Start”. That’s how my obsession with all things Montessori started. I was hooked!


We went full-on Montessori in our house and the difference in our daughter was amazing! I was so impressed that I studied and obtained my Montessori certification for the 2.8-6 years age group!

My second child, Will, has been Montessori from birth and my third child, Tommy, has had this benefit, as well. You will see lots of pictures of Madeline, Will, and Tommy engaged in various activities throughout my website.

My goal is to share the joy Montessori has brought to our home and help you experience the same joy with your own children! Along with Montessori, I also share articles geared toward gentle parenting, which aligns perfectly with Montessori.

Welcome to my blog and to my home!

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