Montessori Learning

Montessori learning is a hands-on approach that involves all of a child’s senses. Activities and materials designed by Dr. Maria Montessori can be adapted for use in the home and lessons and can be implemented by parents and caregivers.

Young child playing Montessori sound games with apple and sandpaper letter.

Fun Montessori Sound Games

Pre-sound games language learning You’ve probably heard the phrase “sound games come first” before. Technically, in a Montessori primary learning environment, this is true. But kids don’t start out in a formal learning environment. They start out in our arms and on our laps, with books and conversation. Your child’s very first introduction to language …

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toddler talking about a plum, 11 Toddler Activities to Encourage Speech pinterest image.

11 Toddler Activities to Encourage Speech

How to encourage speech development A toddler’s speech development is one of the most exciting and worrying things about parenting. In the time of social media, it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing your toddler’s speech development with other’s. You may be wondering if there are any toddler activities to encourage speech. Research …

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