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List of Montessori Language Activities and Materials by Age

In this article, you will learn about the materials and activities used in Montessori language arts. You will also learn at what age the Montessori language activities and materials are introduced.

What are Montessori language activities and materials?

Montessori language materials and their corresponding activities are designed to give children a sensorial impression of how language works.

These materials and activities work from concrete to abstract and build upon skills a child has gained thus far through sensorial materials and Practical Life activities.

Montessori language activities and materials pin.

The order of introduction:

  • oral language
  • writing
  • reading
  • parts of speech

Characteristics of Montessori language materials:

  • work from concrete to abstract
  • involve the senses
  • items are made for a child's hands
  • each section of builds upon the previous one
  • miniature items are utilized

Each of the Montessori language activities has a presentation and extension(s).

montessori farm for parts of speech Montessori language activities.
Grammar Farm

List of Montessori language activities and Materials by age

This list excludes some Montessori language materials that can vary from classroom to classroom.

Writing boards and language boards that have a built-in control of error are often used in classrooms and are introduced toward a child's second year of primary.

This list is great for Montessori homeschooling or if you are looking to supplement your preschool classroom's traditional curriculum.

Oral Montessori language activities

Sound Pouches

  • 2.5-3 years old
  • These are drawstring pouches labeled by phonetic sound. Each pouch holds around 5 objects that begin with the letter sound on the pouch's label. (Tubs and boxes are used for middle and ending sounds.)
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I Spy

  • 3 years old
  • I Spy is a Montessori language activity that helps children identify the initial sounds of words. Small objects are used in this activity.

Object Matching

  • 2.5-3 years old
  • Object matching is presented with an object a child is familiar with. This activity helps develop visual discrimination and classification skills.
Girl playing Montessori sound games by finding small animals with certain letter sounds and handing them to her mom.
Small objects for I-Spy

Matching Object and Pictures

  • 2.5-3 years old
  • In this activity, children match objects to corresponding picture cards. Visual discrimination and vocabulary are built through this matching activity.

Graphic Symbol Matching

  • 2.5-3 years old
  • Letters from the Large or Small Moveable Alphabets can be used. This activity helps develop visual discrimination and build letter recognition.

Nomenclature Cards

  • 3 years old
  • Nomenclature cards are used to learn vocabulary for specific concepts. Oral communication is also encouraged through this activity.

3 Period Vocabulary Lessons

child matching musical instrument to card, musical instrument games for toddlers.
Matching objects to pictures

Matching Rhyming Objects

  • 3.5 years
  • Small objects are used in this activity. Matching rhyming objects helps a child's awareness of the sounds of words.

Preposition Vocabulary

  • 3.5 years old
  • These activities help a child understand the concept of spatial relationships. The term “preposition” is not introduced to children with these activities, only the concept.

Classifying Picture Cards

  • 3-3.5 years old
  • In this activity, a large picture card is presented and children match smaller picture cards that fit with the theme/category below it. This helps develop classification skills and builds vocabulary.

Sequencing Picture Cards

  • 3.5 years old
  • An activity is presented to a child along with the corresponding picture cards. This introduces children to the concept of logical sequence.
Montessori nomenclature cards, shapes and shape names.
Nomenclature cards

Writing materials

Metal Insets

  • 3.5-6 years old
  • These are 2 sets of metal frames, fitted with knobbed metal shapes. This material introduces a child to holding a pencil and making controlled marks.
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Sandpaper Letters

  • 3.5-4 years old
  • This is a set of smooth color-coded cards with sandpaper letters impressed on them. This help prepare children for writing and give them a sensorial representation of the graphic symbols.
Adena Montessori Early Child Development…
  • 26 lower and upper case sandpaper letters. The Sandpaper Letters…
  • This is a tactile activity, the child guides their hand to trace…
  • As an extension activity, when the child is ready, the letter…

Large and Small Movable Alphabets

  • 4-4.5 years old
  • Each set of movable alphabets has a box with compartments for each letter. With this material, children are able to build words in preparation for writing.
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how do Sandpaper Letters work? close up photo of sandpaper letters.
Sandpaper Letters


Pink Material

  • 4.5-5 years old
  • The Pink Materials focuses on CVC words and the presentations move in a sequence of concrete to abstract.

Command Cards

  • 4.5-5 years old
  • Set of red action cards that introduce children to the concept of verbs. The color of the card signals to the child that they will be performing an action.

Blue Material

  • 5-5.5 years old
  • The Blue Materials focus on CCVC words that are phonetic. The activities move in a concrete to abstract sequence.
child working with the small movable alphabet in Montessori.
Child working with the Small Movable Alphabet
Adena Montessori Lower Case Double…
  • Set of 16 sandpaper letter combinations on green wooden boards:…
  • This is a tactile activity, the child guides their hand to trace…
  • As an extension activity, when the child is ready, the letter…

Green Material

  • 5.5-6 years old
  • The Green Material focuses on more challenging words and introduces children to the idea that there are sometimes different spellings for the same sounds.

Grammar Symbols

  • 5-5.5 years old
  • These are 3 dimensional painted wooden representations of the 9 parts of speech. This material provides children with a sensorial impression of how each part of speech functions.
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Parts of Speech

Montessori introduces 7 of the 9 parts of speech in the primary environment. The remaining parts of speech are introduced in the lower elementary classroom.

Here are the 7 parts of speech introduced in primary:

  • nouns
  • articles
  • adjectives
  • conjunctions
  • prepositions
  • verbs
  • adverbs
grammar symbols, a montessori language activites and material.

The parts of speech are introduced with the same concepts in mind as the rest of the Montessori language activities and materials; sensorial impressions, concrete to abstract.

Impressionistic lessons are used when introducing the parts of speech, however.

The parts of speech are introduced in a fun way for children in Montessori; using a miniature environment. This is often a farm and miniature figurines.

Label cards are used with the Grammar Farm to give children a more concrete representation of the parts of speech than with traditional learning.

The Grammar Farm in Montessori classrooms is often made of sturdy wood, as many children use it over the course of years, however, parents who choose Montessori homeschooling often opt for the Schleich Barn, which is lower cost and good quality.

demontrating control of error with Small Movable Alphabet, which can be used for sound game.
Small Movable Alphabet control of error

As you can see, learning language the Montessori way is hands-on and a lot of fun for young children.

What Montessori language activities does your child enjoy?

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