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Tonies Box: The Ultimate Kids Music and Story Device

You may have heard of the Tonies Box, but you are not quite sure what the fuss is about – or maybe this is the first you're hearing about it.

Well, I am here to tell you exactly what the fuss is about and give you some insight into what makes this nifty music player the perfect gift for the special child in your life and how it can make a wonderful addition to your classroom.

Image of Tonies box for teachers.

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What is the Toniebox?

The Tonies Box is screen-free music and story device that is easy for even the youngest children to operate. It puts kids in charge of their audiobook and music-listening experience.

The device itself is simply a soft box with a speaker and the Tonies are small magnetic characters that kids place onto the device. Each character is a visual representation of the story or music they will hear, which makes it easy for kids to choose what they want to listen to.

There are a variety of Tonies to choose from, including Disney stories and nursery rhymes. (Content Tonies) You can even record your own stories for your child to listen to at their convenience. (Creative Tonies)

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Why choose the Tonies Music box for your home?

This is a great audio device for young children at home because it's lightweight, portable, and young kids can operate it without assistance from a caregiver. It can help encourage independent play and is a great addition to your child's Montessori-inspired playroom, or if they are very young, their “yes space“.

The box is covered in soft, sustainable fabric, which means fewer bumps and bruises for your little one. It's also durable and can take a few knocks without breaking – essentially, it was designed with young kids in mind.

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Bringing the Toniebox into your classroom

If you run an early childhood education program, Montessori-inspired or traditional, the Tonies device can be a great adjunct tool for any curriculum.

This device plays music and stories, which are both great for the classroom setting, but it can be set up to plays lessons. The Tonies company often offers special discounts for educators, too, through their Tonies for Teachers program.

Click here for more information about Tonies for Teachers.

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So, now you know why everyone raves about Tonies Boxes.

Have you tried the Tonies Box? If so, does your child enjoy it?

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