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Which Montessori Training is Best?

Which Montessori training is best?

Are you considering getting Montessori training? You are going to find there are a lot of options (and a lot of opinions) on which Montessori training is the best. So, what is the best Montessori training? Really…which Montessori training is best?

which montessori training is best
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Is AMI certification better than AMS certification?

Many say AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) is preferable over AMS (American Montessori Society) because it was established by Dr. Montessori herself. Others argue that AMS is better. This is the case if you are a believer that children should develop computer skills, and wish to teach in a more modernized Montessori environment.

There is also NAMC (North American Montessori Center), MMI Academy (Modern Montessori), along with many online courses hosted by Montessori bloggers.

So…. lots of choices.

It really depends on what you want from your training and how you plan on utilizing it as to which course is the right one for you.

Do I need a college degree to get Montessori certified?

If you plan on using your Montessori training to obtain a certificate and become a teacher at an authentic Montessori school, AMI and AMS training programs are the way to go.

which montessori training is best
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Both AMS and AMI programs typically require their applicants to hold a bachelor's degree. The exception to this is that AMI programs will provide an Associate credential for the Infant/Toddler and Early Childhood levels.

For the MMI Academy and NAMC programs, no degree is needed.

Can I get hired with NAMC certification?

There are some schools that will accept NAMC certification. But, it's best to call around to some local schools to find out their requirements.

If you pair your NAMC certification with some hands-on experience at a Montessori school, you may be in a better position to apply for work at a Montessori school upon completion of your program.

What to look for in a Montessori training program

If your goal is to teach at an AMI or AMS Montessori school, you are going to want to check to make sure the program is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). MACTE has strict requirements for their programs, including a residency that includes 400 clock hours and 120 hours of student teaching.

What's the best Montessori training program for homeschooling?

There are many people who obtain Montessori training for purposes other than teaching at a school. Montessori-styled home daycares are popping up left and right.

Also, many parents either wish to homeschool their children using the method.

which montessori training is best
Montessori homeschooling. Featured in the photo is the Land and Water Formation material.

If starting a Montessori home daycare is your plan, any of the Montessori training programs will help you achieve your goals.

However, the AMI and AMS programs aren't going to give you a good return on your investment time-wise or cost-wise, as these programs tend to be lengthy and expensive.

There is also the issue of the practical requirement for the AMI and AMS programs. Most people who are looking to start a home daycare have this in mind because they themselves have young children of their own and it is not cost-effective to spend much time out of the home.

Often, that eliminates AMI and AMS programs from their list of options.

Those who are planning on homeschooling using Montessori are often in the same predicament.

An online Montessori training program

For these situations, NAMC has some great courses. They are extremely thorough in the area of theory and their training videos are great.

The only thing missing with the NAMC experience is the hands-on portion…and that's an important piece since Montessori is all hands-on.

There are solutions to the practicum issue, however.

One solution would be to contact a local Montessori school and ask if you can practice your skills and observe for a few hours a week until you feel like your practical skills have caught up with what you have learned in your studies.

Another option is for you to put what you've learned into practice with your own children, children of family members, and even adults.

which montessori training is best

If you are the crafty type, there is a plethora of make-your-own-Montessori-materials all over Pinterest and YouTube.

If you are like me, and would rather just spend the money, my favorite products are by Pink Montessori.  I have found them to be high quality and true to Montessori.

I have a small classroom's worth of their materials and my kids really enjoy them. Being a Montessori-trained SAHM, I'm happy to keep in practice!

Whatever path you choose to take to achieve your Montessori training, and for whatever purpose you intend to use it for, it is not going to be an easy feat.

And the work you will be doing, whether in your home or at a school, will be important.

It will be life-changing for you and life-shaping for the children you guide.

“The teacher's task is not a small easy one! She has to prepare a huge amount of knowledge to satisfy the child's mental hunger. She is not like the ordinary teacher, limited by a syllabus. The needs of the child are clearly more difficult to answer.” ~ Maria Montessori

So, good luck with your studies!

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Sunday 26th of March 2023

Great... But honestly, I believe whatever modules we chose to gain accreditation from,it's still got to do with the honest willingness and the desire to be there for the child. This passion holds more than just a degree or training methods.

Matt Bronsil

Thursday 9th of March 2023

AMS also offers associate credentials for people without a four year degree.


Sunday 26th of March 2023

@Matt Bronsil, Great...please tell us more.

Chitra Balachander

Friday 13th of January 2023

Montessori training is helpful fifty percent, while the remaining depends on passion and patience to deal with individual child.


Sunday 26th of March 2023

@Chitra Balachander, I honestly agree ...


Friday 13th of January 2023

I agree!


Saturday 30th of July 2022

I am. CGMS graduate. I have my IMC certification in Primary. This was mainly online but does include practicum and internship hours before graduation with a 3 1/2 week residency (8 hours a day, 6 days a week)requirement for a full certification. This is a MACTE program.


Wednesday 29th of June 2022

I would also add that there are some great online training programs out there that are MACTE accredited and only require a few weeks of in-person training, such as CGMS and others. These are great options for a lot of people.

Kathy Iver

Friday 24th of March 2023

@Gavi, Which program do you suggest one should look at online?