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12 Educational & Fun Toys that Start with Y!

If you're looking for some toys that start with Y, you've come to the right place. I've put together an awesome list of letter Y toys.

These toys are great for letter Y-themed school show-and-tells or for helping young kids learn their letter sounds.

Toys that start with letter Y can be used in Montessori sound games in a variety of fun ways or as part of a series of letter Y activities.

image of a yellow letter Y block for the toys that start with Y post.

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12 toys that start with the letter Y

Yoto Player

If you're familiar with the Toniebox, this letter Y toy might be right for you.

The Yoto Player is a screen-free music player that lets children have control over their music listening experience.


When coming up with our list of toys that start with Y of course a yo-yo came to mind straight off.

Yarn Llama

If you've got a child that enjoys tying knots and working with their fingers, they will have fun with the Yarn Llama toy.

Puzzle Block Yeti

Puzzle Blocks are some of the neatest little building toys. If you're familiar with Brain Flakes, this is a similar toy.


Yahtzee was one of my favorite games growing up. This is a classic game, great for kids that are learning to add and multiply.

Diecast Yellow Cab

This cool Yellow Cab toy is a fun letter Y option.

Yak figurine

Yak is one of the only mammals that starts wuth the letter Y.

Yard dice

Yard dice have unlimited potential for outdoor fun. This set comes with some fun games for your family to try out, too.

Yoga game

Yoga is a letter Y activity that's great for children's bodies, as well as their minds. This is a fun take on this mindfulness practice.

Yorkie stuffed animal

Yorkies stuffed animals are so cute and cuddly and, of course, they start with the letter Y.

Yes! Broccoli card game

This is a fun game that encourages healthy eating. This could also be used for a letter B toy.

Wooden yacht puzzle

A wooden yacht puzzle is a great letter Y toy that kids who enjoy water and boating will enjoy.

There you have it – 12 awesome toys that start with Y!

Do you have any ideas for letter Y toys, Montessori-aligned of course, that didn't make the list?

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