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Toys that Start with B – 19 Educational Ideas

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with items that start with a certain letter. If you need some names of toys that start with B, you have come to the right place.

There are a few reasons you might be in need of ideas for letter B toys – you could be teaching letter sounds to preschoolers, setting up a letter-themed shelf, or maybe you need to come up with a few toys that start with the letter B for your child's school show and tell.

Tips for coming up with toys that start with B

There are plenty of great letter B toy ideas in the list below, but it's by no means exhaustive.

The items I put on the list are Montessori-aligned and have an educational focus. If you are not limited to these components, try brainstorming in the following areas:

  • toys based on charachters from your child's favorite movie or TV show
  • toys based on books or book charachters
  • toys based on your child's favorite activity or current interests

There are plenty of things all around us that start with the letter B and, no matter what you think of, chances are there's a toy for it.

image of a bee to represent letter b toys.

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19 educational toys that start with B

This list is full of toys that can be incorporated into Montessori sound games, as well as taken to school for show and tell.

Everything here has a nice learning element to it, whether it's motor development or academics.

There are even some great Practical Life items on the list. Enjoy!

image of a Montessori balance board, a montessori gross motor toys.

What letter B toys can you think of? We'd love to add to this list!

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