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Toys that Start with C – 21 Educational Ideas

Whether you're looking for some toys that start with the letter C for show and tell, for sound games for learning the alphabet, or for any other reason, I've got some awesome ideas for you right here!

Image of randomly colored toys, including the letter c, which is standing.

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20 toys that start with C

Car Ramp

A set of cars with a ramp not only starts with C, but it satisfies children with schematic play needs.

If you have a child who likes to drop and throw things, this letter C toy is a sure winner.

Cat Figurines

Small cat figurines are perfect for sound pouches and other letter learning activities.


Is your child learning how to tell time and they need a letter C toy for show-and-tell?

Why not get a time-learning clock?

Coin Box

Coin boxes have a special allure for toddlers and preschoolers.

Carrot Matching Toy

This is a letter C toy that has a fine motor element, along with a challenge of visual discrimination.

Miniature Caterpillars

If your child is interesting in bugs, this haul of toy caterpillars make great toys that start with C.

Cement Mixer

Kids are fascinated by construction equipment. An often overlooked letter C construction toys is the cement mixer.


Do you have a dino-loving letter-learner? They will enjoy showing off this ceratosaurus. (My son's favorite dinosaur!)


These toy cicadas are realistic looking and great for lessons on insects.

Balancing Cactus

If your child is learning about hot, dry climates, this cactus makes a great letter C toy.

Wooden Castle

This wooden pop-up castle can be easily transported to your child's class for show-and-tell.

Cash Register

Cash registers are the perfect toy for learning about math and money.


Learning about animals south of the earth's equater? A capybara is a great letter C toy that compliments your lesson plan.

Schleich Calf

Schleich makes some beautiful and true-to-life animal figurines. This letter C animal is realistic, perfect for show-and-tell, and goes great in a farm animal habitat model.

Kids Camera

What's more awesome than finding a toy that piques or fosters a child's interest in art and photography?

Cookie Matching Game

Skoolzy makes some pretty fun toys, including this cookie matching game.

Cheese Lacing Toy

This wooden cheese lacing toy has a fun fine-motor element to it.

Cauliflower Plushy

Here's a toys that starts with C that you may not have thought of – cauliflower!

Coyote Figurine

Coyotes are facsinating animals – we live along side them where we are!

Play Closet

A miniature closet is a great letter C toy that can be used for dolls and stuffed animals.

Realistic Crabs

Crab figurines are great toys that start with the letter C. If you've got a little one who enjoys sea creatures, these are a great, realistic looking, option.

There you have it – 21 great ideas for toys that start with C. These options are all fun and have an educational element to them!

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