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Toys that Start with A – 20 Educational Ideas

There are different reasons people search for toys that start with the letter “a”. Some caregivers use them as aids in teaching their children letter sounds and others use them for themed learning units.

I have been working with my 3-year-old on learning his letter sounds and we've been having a great time going through the house and finding things that start with the letter “a”.

We ended up gathering items, including toys, and placing them on the shelf in the playroom. We talked about each item and there ended up being a lot more learning beyond the letter “a” sound, which I thought was fantastic.

I thought I'd share some of our joy and put together a list of toys that start with “a” for everyone.

Every toy on this list lends itself to further learning in a multitude of academic topics, as well as to the development of fine motor skills.

Every letter “a” toy on this list can be used in other themed learning units or just for fun.

This list of letter “a” toys is great for toddlers, preschoolers, and early-elemetary-age children.

image of a written with tape to represent toys that start with the letter a

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Though every toy on this list starts with the letter “a”, not all of them start with the short “a” sound. For beginning letter-learners, it's best to choose the short “a” sound toys.

If the child is familiar with the phonetic pronunciation of the alphabet letters and they have moved on to learning sight words, any toy on this list will be fine.

If you are curious about how to teach your child the “a” sound, sound games are great for this.

As I mentioned above, these toys can be used for other themed learning units.

For example, spider toys (arachnids) can be used to help teach children classification and the threading apple can be used during a fall-themed learning unit.

20 educational toys that start with the letter “a”

1. Abacus 

2. Apple Lacing Toy

3. Avocado Nesting Toy

4. Ant Growth Cycle Toy

5. Astronaut Sensory Bin

6. Armadillo

7. Alphabet Puzzle

8. Acorn to Oak Tree Life Cycle Book

9. Angle Exploration Kit

10. Acid & Base Chemistry Kit

11. Africa Puzzle Map

12. Airport Duplo Set

13. Art Set – Rock Painting

14. Arctic Animal Figurine Toys

15. Alarm System Circut Building Set

16. Addition Ring Stacking Toy

17. Arachnid Figurines (Spiders, scorpions)

18. Allosaurus

19. Australian Animals

20. Asia Geopuzzle

What are some of your favorite educational toys that start with “A”? I'd love to get some more suggestions for the list!

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