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100 Art Supplies for Kids: The Montessori Must Haves

Whether you have set up an area for process art or you are facilitating loose parts play with an artistic focus, you are going to need some things. When gathering art supplies for kids, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products out there.

Below, I've compiled a list of our favorite Montessori art supplies to help you out. The creativity that abounds by having these seemingly random items on hand is nothing short of amazing!

If you enjoy doing arts and crafts along side your child, that's great, too! Our author, Melissa, showcased how to make a high-contrast baby mobile along side her toddler. It was fun and the results were fantastic!

If you're curious about process art, here is a great piece for you to read.

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List of must-have art supplies for kids

how to teach a child colors using paint and art supplies for kids
Craft and art supplies for kids

When selecting art supplies, it is important to keep the following things in mind:

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  • Your child's age
  • Your child's maturity
  • The level of supervision you are able to provide

You may want to store small pieces and sharp items for when you are not able to fully supervise your child's art activities if you believe they are not old enough or mature enough to handle them properly.

Click here to learn more about art supply safety.

When it comes to storing your child's art supplies, you can use tips from this toy rotation article to help you out. Rotating art supplies for kids is a great idea, too!

An art station, stocked with the right supplies, can aid a child's development of creativity and critical thinking, as well as help them develop the fine motor skills needed to develop their pincer grasp.

Art is so important for so many reasons. Give your child the gift of art!

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