Toy Storage: 10 Reasons to Ditch the Toybox and Get Shelves

There is an alternative to a toybox Before I discovered Montessori, I just sort of went with the flow as far as toys go. My first child was young and we were lucky enough to have a family and friends that gave us lots of hand-me-down clothes and toys…lots and lots of toys. Did I mention toys? Too many toys Toys filled the toy box in her bedroom, toys were in bins in the living room, and toys were on the floor all over the house. Lots of plastic, lots of lights, and lots of noise! The mess drove me … Continue reading Toy Storage: 10 Reasons to Ditch the Toybox and Get Shelves

Open-ended Toys: Magna-tiles

Are Magna-Tiles a Montessori material? Last Spring, while I was in the low-energy end stages of pregnancy with our third child, we enrolled our daughter (3 at the time.) in a lovely Montessori Primary program. The admission process had a few requirements. One of them being that parents observe the classroom in action for an hour prior to enrollment. As I sat and watched all the children engrossed in their work, one young boy caught my attention. The reason he caught my eye is because the material he was working with didn’t look very Montessori. It was plastic and didn’t, … Continue reading Open-ended Toys: Magna-tiles

Open-ended Toys: The Grimm’s Rainbow

Montessori Christmas gifts There is no doubt that this holiday season, your home will be inundated with the latest, greatest gadgets and toy for your little ones. No hate from me…some of these toys do some very neat stuff! From baby dolls that soil their diapers, to remote control drones, to laptops and cellphones designed just for toddlers! Times have changed and the toys of yesteryear just don’t pack the oomph! that kids expect when they peel away that shiny wrapping paper and rip off that bow, do they? Wooden toys vs plastic toys I’m not against shiny new gadgets, … Continue reading Open-ended Toys: The Grimm’s Rainbow

Montessori, Christmas, and our duty to the Earth

Hyper-consumerism and the Christmas aftermath You can walk down any given street in America the week following Christmas and observe piles of discarded toys, scooters, bicycles, ect. I’ve seen it in my neighborhood every year since I’ve lived here. I always get a little sad for the discarded items and wonder what they have been replaced with. Maybe little Tommy outgrew his bike and needed a new one. Maybe Katy hadn’t played with her Barbie Dolls in a while and room had to be made for this year’s gifts. I’m not judging; children grow and change, as do their interests. … Continue reading Montessori, Christmas, and our duty to the Earth