Montessori Math: The Spindle Boxes

Montessori math materials Every material designed by Dr. Montessori had the child’s hands in mind. Dr. Montessori believed that the child who has the chance to use her hands in learning has the chance to attain a superior level of character and intelligence. For this reason, the materials were designed to fit in a small child’s hands, allowing them to more completely experience the presented concept. The materials actively engage the child’s senses, including tactile, visual, muscular, kinesthetic, and baric (weight). How does Montessori teach math? 1:1 correspondence and the concept of zero The Spindle Boxes are no exception. The … Continue reading Montessori Math: The Spindle Boxes

The Zero Game

How does Montessori teach math? Montessori math activities focus on associating quantities with their corresponding numbers. The progression goes like this: Children first work with quantities, then move onto the symbols, and finally come to understand the association between the two. Early Montessori math activities focus heavily on the numbers 0-9. The reason for this has to do with future decimal system work, which we will discuss in a later post. Montessori and the concept of zero At the point when number symbols are being learned, there is a game that children really enjoy. It’s called The Zero Game. This … Continue reading The Zero Game

Open-ended Toys: Magna-tiles

Are Magna-Tiles a Montessori material? Last Spring, while I was in the low-energy end stages of pregnancy with our third child, we enrolled our daughter (3 at the time.) in a lovely Montessori Primary program. The admission process had a few requirements. One of them being that parents observe the classroom in action for an hour prior to enrollment. As I sat and watched all the children engrossed in their work, one young boy caught my attention. The reason he caught my eye is because the material he was working with didn’t look very Montessori. It was plastic and didn’t, … Continue reading Open-ended Toys: Magna-tiles

Montessori Math: The Golden Bead Material, part 1

How does Montessori teach math? Remember how daunting math became for you when the numbers started getting longer and longer? I remember being introduced to multiplication and division around the age of 7, and by the age of 10, I … Continue reading Montessori Math: The Golden Bead Material, part 1