The Zero Game

How does Montessori teach math? Montessori math activities focus on associating quantities with their corresponding numbers. The progression goes like this: Children first work with quantities, then move onto the symbols, and finally come to understand the association between the two. Early Montessori math activities focus heavily on the numbers 0-9. The reason for this has to do with future decimal system work, which we will discuss in a later post. Montessori and the concept of zero At the point when number symbols are being learned, there is a game that children really enjoy. It’s called The Zero Game. This … Continue reading The Zero Game

Open-ended Toys: Magna-tiles

Are Magna-Tiles a Montessori material? Last Spring, while I was in the low-energy end stages of pregnancy with our third child, we enrolled our daughter (3 at the time.) in a lovely Montessori Primary program. The admission process had a few requirements. One of them being that parents observe the classroom in action for an hour prior to enrollment. As I sat and watched all the children engrossed in their work, one young boy caught my attention. The reason he caught my eye is because the material he was working with didn’t look very Montessori. It was plastic and didn’t, … Continue reading Open-ended Toys: Magna-tiles

Open-ended Toys: The Grimm’s Rainbow

Montessori Christmas gifts There is no doubt that this holiday season, your home will be inundated with the latest, greatest gadgets and toy for your little ones. No hate from me…some of these toys do some very neat stuff! From baby dolls that soil their diapers, to remote control drones, to laptops and cellphones designed just for toddlers! Times have changed and the toys of yesteryear just don’t pack the oomph! that kids expect when they peel away that shiny wrapping paper and rip off that bow, do they? Wooden toys vs plastic toys I’m not against shiny new gadgets, … Continue reading Open-ended Toys: The Grimm’s Rainbow

Montessori Math: The Golden Bead Material, part 1

How does Montessori teach math? Remember how daunting math became for you when the numbers started getting longer and longer? I remember being introduced to multiplication and division around the age of 7, and by the age of 10, I … Continue reading Montessori Math: The Golden Bead Material, part 1

Montessori, Christmas, and our duty to the Earth

Hyper-consumerism and the Christmas aftermath You can walk down any given street in America the week following Christmas and observe piles of discarded toys, scooters, bicycles, ect. I’ve seen it in my neighborhood every year since I’ve lived here. I always get a little sad for the discarded items and wonder what they have been replaced with. Maybe little Tommy outgrew his bike and needed a new one. Maybe Katy hadn’t played with her Barbie Dolls in a while and room had to be made for this year’s gifts. I’m not judging; children grow and change, as do their interests. … Continue reading Montessori, Christmas, and our duty to the Earth

Montessori Schools: A Worthy Expense?

Thinking about your child’s education can be overwhelming, particularly if you have decided that you would like your child to have the Montessori experience. Is a Montessori education just for wealthy families or is this something we can all provide for our children? Is there any difference in the test scores of Montessori children and their public school peers? Let’s take a look! Are Montessori schools expensive? National statistics on the cost of private Montessori schools It’s no secret that Montessori schools cost a pretty penny. Through my research, I’ve seen Children’s House (years 3-6) tuition range from $6,900/year in … Continue reading Montessori Schools: A Worthy Expense?

Sharing Space: Respecting the Development of Children in Different Age Groups

While the Montessori Method is more than a series of activities and the space in which they are contained, these things are important. Children need their environments to be aids to their development. The materials they access must be age appropriate and they need to be able to exercise unrestricted independence in their work areas. The issue that I’ve encountered in setting up my home for the pre-school years, Montessori-style, is the age difference between my children and their individual developmental needs. My 3 year old needs order, peace, and cleanliness. My daughter often chooses work that involves sharp and/or small objects … Continue reading Sharing Space: Respecting the Development of Children in Different Age Groups

Our Area is Ready: Go Time!

I finally finished preparing our area last night. My daughter dropped to her knees when she saw all of the beautiful activities that were prepared for her this morning! After breakfast, she was so excited to wash the dishes that she asked me to bring more dishes! She washed every dish and piece of silverware for the whole family…45 minutes it took her and she enjoyed every second, making sure to scrub away every piece of food, rinsing, then carefully lining things up in the drain. After the dishes were done and her table was clean, it was time for some activities. She enjoyed … Continue reading Our Area is Ready: Go Time!

Making progress!

I’m nearly finished setting up the area for Madeline! While I’ve been rearranging things and gathering supplies, I’ve been introducing activity trays to test out ideas and see where her interests lie. The more colorful the activity, the more interest she has in it, of course. The challenge for me now is to bring a little visual appeal to some of the activities she ignores. Of course, she can work at what appeals to her. I just want every tray to have a fighting chance! Continue reading Making progress!

What we’ve already accomplished: Our starting point.

Though our journey into starting our preschool years at home, Montessori-style, is just beginning, we have already implemented the philosophy of facilitating independence. One thing that my daughter has always loved is watching and helping us cook. We knew she’d catch right on and get excited about gaining independence for mealtimes. At 18 months, we bought Madeline a table and chair set and a set of dishes, which we cleared out some cabinet space for. As you might expect, this was an instant hit and she was excited to learn how to handle them properly, set her table, wash them (of course…water!), and put them away. The … Continue reading What we’ve already accomplished: Our starting point.