Kindergarten Without Preschool

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Can a child be ready for kindergarten without attending preschool?

Sending a child to kindergarten without preschool is actually a pretty hot topic!

I actually had no idea preschool was such a big deal until we moved up to Connecticut from Atlanta.

Our new neighbors invited us to their daughter’s birthday party and they seemed incensed when I mentioned that our freshly-minted 4 year old daughter did not attend preschool.

That got me thinking…Do most parents believe that their kids will not be ready for kindergarten without preschool?

There are many who will argue the benefits of preschool and a preschool-type environment, and many who simply use preschool as a child-care option.

I wrote an article a while back titled, “Do I Need to Send my Child to Preschool?“. The article goes over some pros and cons of sending your child to preschool.

What I want to talk about now is if your child will do well in kindergarten without preschool, and what you can do to help prepare your child for kindergarten on a daily basis, at home.

I understand that preschool is not an option for everyone. I also understand that being able to homeschool for any amount of time is a position of privilege.

This article, however, is for everyone, not just those in the position to stay at home with their children; wherein preschool is just one of many options.

How to prepare your child for kindergarten without preschool

So, what can you do to get your child ready for kindergarten without preschool being involved?

The answer is LOTS!

Here is a list 15 of things you can do with your child while they are learning and gearing up for kindergarten!

kindergarten without preschool

Here is what your child should know when they enter kindergarten:

  • Their name, their parents’ names, and their address.
  • Numbers and their corresponding quantities
  • Letters and the concept of literacy.
  • Motor skills (fine and gross).
  • Hygiene and social etiquette.

Basically, if you’ve been following Montessori, your kids have had independence and had plenty of social interaction.

Follow the simple advice in this post and your little one will do just fine in kindergarten without a day of preschool!

I hope you enjoyed this read! I’m looking forward to your feedback!

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  1. I like how you mentioned that one’s child should know their parents’ names and address, as they will have more independence and get the help them need. When I was a child, I actually wasn’t allowed to attend preschool because I tested too high. Thanks for the great information on how to prepare a child for kindergarten!

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